Seto Kaiba

11 March 2011 at 01:33 (Yu-Gi-Oh)   In this series Kaiba is now possible to store memory data, so the death of one body is not really “die”. As memories are stored in the data, they can be “transferred” into new bodies. Because of these developments, the so-called “memory trading” now occurs and it is now possible to steal memories and illegally alter them. 
All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….
Kaiba world community has fallen apart as authority has become lost and stagnant. In a turbulent sky clouds and electrical storms, it is impossible to pass without losing one’s memory; on top of them lies the elusive than rich and powerful, the other bodies barter ‘and memories for their own enjoyment and longevity. Below lies a troubled and dangerous world in which bodies are both difficult to come and the real money is scarce.
This series began as a man waking up in a room were destroyed. His name is Kaiba. He has no memories, but he did not have a locket with a picture of an unidentified woman inside. After suddenly being attacked, Kaiba escaped into space, and during his travels meets all sorts of people and get back memories. Throughout, he kept distracted by the world’s problems, and presence alone. And what woman in the locket, Neiro?

    The main character, who does not speak very much. Kaiba has a hole in the middle of his chest and three circles form a triangle tattoo on her stomach. At the beginning of the show, he has no memories she can access. 

Kaiba has a huge, slowly becomes revealed that he was able to survive physical damage without injury, and he also seems to have a strong ability to stop or destroy large objects with his mind. However, as of yet he is not aware and not able to control this ability is clear. He also has a very detailed and complex memory, considering the total effect.

All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….

    Kaiba is Warp’s real name, and he is most often known as the king of memories, of which he is a genuine original. He was one of six children of his father, former king, in a conflict to determine the succession to his father at the end of his life, all the Kaiba brothers were killed, and only Kaiba survive with his immunity. For some time he ruled in his father’s place, and find a technology that allows the preservation of memories, making it available to the people. Since then, it appears that he closed and tightly controlled at the palace, watched closely by several others through the camera and other devices that typically remain in power.
    At the time of the first episode began, he had fallen down through the clouds, and memories have been closed to him by electrical storms inside. Other people in the clone from her current reign as king, although he did not have the strength of the warp is also not memorable.
All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….


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