3 March 2011 at 14:34 (Thundercat)  Thundercats follows the adventures of the eponymous team of heroes, cat-like humanoid aliens from the planet Thundera. It begins with a dying Thundera the meeting ended, forcing Thundercats (sort Thunderean nobility) to flee their homeworld. These troops were attacked by enemy Thundereans, the Mutants from Plun-Darr, who destroy all the species in “ThunderFleet,” but parts flagship which hopes to capture the mystical Sword of the legendary sign they believe is on the board. The sword holds the eyes Thundera, resources Thundercats’, which is embedded in the handle. Although the mutant seed damage, the strength of Eye drive them back. Damage to the ship means travel to destinations previously not possible, rather than having to travel to the “Third Planet”, which will take longer than they had anticipated. guardian old Lion-O, Jaga, volunteer to pilot the ship while the others slept in the capsule, but he died of old age in the process, but not before making sure they will reach their destination safely. seed contains a young Lord of the Thundercats, Lion-O and Cheetara Thundercats, Panthro, Tygra, WilyKit and WilyKat, and Snarf. All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….

When Thundercats awake from their suspended animation on Third Earth, Lion-O finds that his suspension capsule has slowed the aging rather than stop, and he is now a child in the adult body. Together, Thundercats and indigenous Third Earth friendly building “Cat’s Lair,” their new home and headquarters, but before long, mutants have been tracking them to Third Earth. Intrusion of alien races of the world’s second did not go unnoticed, however – it was a witch, demon mummy, Mumm-Ra, recruiting mutants to assist him in his campaign to acquire and destroy the Thundercats Eyes Thundera so that evil might continue to hold power over a third of the earth.
All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….

Heroes and Villains, in fact our planet Third Earth in the future. Mumm-Ra comes from ancient Egypt, where he first met with the Spirit of Ancient Evil and gain extraordinary powers it. He is responsible for destroying the human race, after he freed himself from onyx pyramid burial chamber where a Pharaoh imprisoned him.All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….

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