The Punisher(Frank Castle)

30 June 2011 at 13:42 (The Punisher)

The Punisher(Frank Castle)The Punisher(Frank Castle)The Punisher, whose real name is Frank Castle, is a cartoon character, created by Gerry Conway (text) and Ross Andru (pictures), published by Marvel Comics. His first appearance is in The Amazing Spider-Man (first series) No 129.The Punisher is an anti-hero, a vigilante who acts violently against the criminals of the world: it does so in memory of the death of his family, brutally killed in a firefight. Frank Castle has no superpowers, but undergoes a grueling sessions of calisthenics to improve their physical training and has extensive knowledge of weapons.

Born is a title more recently than others in the saga of the Punisher but addresses its origins and explains its motivation, speaking of his experience during the Vietnam War, the authors Garth Ennis (lyrics) and Darrick Robertson (drawings). In this story we are told how Frank Castle has begun to understand the futility of the Vietnam War coming to quarrel with some of his fellow war or his officers too cruel, how he killed an officer guilty of corruption and have deserted to escape execution. What characterizes it and turns it into one who will one day call the Punisher.The past few years, Frank Castle and his wife Mary, sons with Lisa Christie and David Frank, do a family picnic in Central Park but are victims of a settling of scores between rival gangs: one of them is headed by Bruno fishy coast. His wife and children die and he is believed dead but is not so and Frank Castle returns to kill those responsible, a goal that will lead to clearly and quickly. Killing members of the Mafia family responsible and can assert that his mission was successful, but he feels that his mission is not really accomplished.

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