Nanashi (Sword of the Stranger)

19 June 2011 at 16:36 (Sword of the Stranger)

Nanashi (Sword of the Stranger)
Sword of the Stranger is a Japanese animated film directed by Masahiro Ando and produced by Studio Bones in 2007.
The story takes place in Japan as “Sengoku era” in the midst of civil wars. A nameless ronin (“Nanashi“) saves a young orphan, Kotaro and his dog Tobimaru, during a fire.
Meanwhile, a mysterious militia from China Kotaro research in order to use it to perform a ritual occult giving eternal life. Among them is Raro, a swashbuckler Emeritus thirsty fighting under the command of Byakuran. Kotaro then commits r┼Źnin Nanashi as his bodyguard in exchange for a precious stone that a monk gave him, and they decide to walk together. From that moment on, their fates will be inexorably linked.

Formerly Emeritus warrior under the command of a lord, Nanashi has decided not to fight after the horrors of war. He will meet Kotaro, a young orphan and become his bodyguard.

See Nanashi Video in action:


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