8 February 2011 at 22:43 (SUPERMAN)

Personality In the early pernciptaan by Siegel and Shuster, Superman has a rough and aggressive personality. Characters that appear in a step to stop the violence in the household, the loan sharks, gangsters and the mafia, with a little rough and lacking a moral code for spectators can be used at this time. Then there are writers who have been soften this character and instill a sense of idealism and moral code of ethics. Although not sesadis / cold as the character Batman in the early emergence, Superman appeared in the comics of the 1930s did not he care to tell about the dangers that can be caused by its strength, sending the criminals in a way will cause death if that happened, although it is not seldom shown explicitly on the page. This story comes to an end in late 1940, when a new editor named Whitney Ellsworth provide the code of conduct for this character, banning Superman to ever kill someone.At this time the character of Superman is described as a Scout that very contradiction with other super hero action that is Batman.He always protects the person who needs help, the usual villain, supervillain, and more. Personal data Real name: Clark Kent (Planet Earth) / Kal-El (Planet Krypton) Status: Married Height: 6’3 “(192 024 cm) Weight: 102.1 kg Eye color: Blue Hair: Black Alias: Man of Steel, Man Of Tomorrow, Last Son of Krypton and Krypton’s Favorite Son Occupation: Adventurers, newspaper reporter, columnist, novelist, former editor. Group Affiliates: Justice League of America (currently); Justice League International Address: Metropolis, USA Family Jor-El (biological father, deceased); Lara (biological mother, deceased); Jonathan Kent (adoptive father), Martha Clark Kent (adoptive mother); Lois Lane (wife); Harry Kent (adoptive uncle); Sarah Kent (adoptive aunt);
Jason White (natural child);

The ability of superhuman strength, super speed, great stamina, great durability, great senses, intelligence, regeneration, long-lived, super breath, heat vision, x-ray vision, and the fly 


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