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Ken Street Fighter,
Ken Masters is a martial arts student, friend and rival of Ryu, who travels the world searching for new challenges. In the anime Street Fighter II V is the son of a wealthy businessman, while in the film Street Fighter – the final challenge is a small crook. Sean is currently coaching, Japan-Brazilian fighter who makes his debut Street Fighter 3 New Generation.Ken shows more interest in the beauty of his moves at the expense of power.
Ken In Action

He has a girl named Eliza, who is none other than the sister of Guile, who became his wife after the second episode of Street Fighter, the union was born a son named Mel (or Nash, according to the story told in the manhwa “Street Fighter III “) (such as one sees it in its embrace the final sequence of Street Fighter II, while she discovers in Pocket Fighter and Morrigan Aensland goes shopping because of a bet, he gets angry and hits him).

Work out with Ryu for a long time and having the same teacher (Gouken), the two have a similar style (their imaginary fighting technique called Ansatsuken). With the passage of time, the creators of games have tried to differentiate their moves slightly.


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Mr. Bison

7 June 2011 at 23:55 (Street Fighter)

There is no information specific to Bison, but is known to be the operator of the criminal organization Shadaloo although his organization focuses on Thailand and has long been thought that his nacioalidad was Thai, Capcom has refused to confirm, in Street Fighter IV again hide their nationality. However, it is said to have fallen to Guile and Charlie (Nash), taking with him the latter.
See Video Of Mr. Bison

Fortunately for him, his soul came the body of Rose, possessing and wait to what remained of Shadaloo create a new body for him. Once you have your new body, created the Street Fighter II tournament, which was defeated (at first had doubts whether it would be Chun-Li, who was trying to avenge his father, or Guile, Nash wanted revenge, but long Capcom Chun Li became official that was his winning). After that he met his death at the hands of Akuma and Shun Goku Satsu.

In the crossover with Marvel, we find that M. Bison did not kill Charlie, but he survived and Bison experiment with him, making Shadow agent. In this story, M. Bison’s main objective is to Chun-Li, she wants revenge for the defeat inflicted on her and capture it as it did before with Ryu and Charlie himself, but his plans fail because of the strength of Chun-Li (which again Marvel Super Heroes win vs. Street Fighter) and Charlie rebels against the detective helping him from obscurity (Marvel vs. Capcom). Although none of the stories of these games are canonical or alter the plot of Street Fighter (in other words, never happened).

It is noteworthy that despite having been defeated by Chun-Li, M. Bison reappears in the game Street Fighter IV. In this game, Bison gets a new body (and face up virtually identical to those seen in Street Fighter II) and look for the resurrection of Shadaloo. He is the creator of a race of clone warriors. One of these clones, Seth, rebels against him.

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