Shurato Hidaka

3 June 2011 at 07:52 (Shurato)

Shurato Hidaka(Also Shura-Oh Shurato (Shura-o Shurato?))
The main character and protagonist shows, Shurato, is 16 hot head, sloppy, and not wait years. He is described as having a low tolerance and understanding of the law Tenkūkai and inner work, but strong and pure heart. Like Gai, he is a master of martial arts, and eventually became the most powerful of Hachibushu and de facto leader of them. His shakti and armor both models after the lion, and his weapon is a vajra.
ranged non-descent of two brothers, Shurato Hidaka and Gai Kuroki, best friends for life as opposed to one another in appearance and personality. While fighting each other in a martial arts tournament, they were suddenly enveloped in a light and transported to a parallel world, Tenkūkai, where modern technology does not exist and instead people rely Sohma, a form of spiritual energy.

Shurato discover he is actually the reincarnation of an ancient king of the same name, which once ruled the world, and one “Hachibushu”, a group of eight soldiers with a large amount Sohma legendary, and brought here along with Gai to fight the Gods Asura, a legion of warrior damage. However, for unknown reasons, Gai tried to kill Shurato repeatedly, confusing Shurato as real Gai is pacifist and most compassionate people she knows.

Things quickly go wrong when Shurato and others from Hachibushu, Hyuga Ten-O, framed to assist Lady Vishnu, a powerful deity and leader of the people Tenkūkai. The actual perpetrator, the highest advisory Vishnu and Asuras Indrah spies, and Gai managed to convince the rest Hachibushu damaged, and all Tenkūkai and army soldiers, who Shurato and Hyuga are evil and must be killed.
Although initially reluctant to get involved, Shurato finally decided to help Hyuga in uncovering the conspiracy and heal Vishnu. They were accompanied by a young pastor Tenkūkai Lakshu spirit, and two others from Hachibushu, Ryu-o-o Ryoma and Karura Reiga. Along the way, they engaged in battle with another four from Hachibushu, agents in league with evil Asuras Indrah, and the majority of the population Tenkūkai’s.


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