Satria Baja Hitam RX (Maskedr Reder) RX

24 March 2011 at 04:03 (Satria Baja Hitam)   This occurs when the Kingdom of attacking Earth Crisis, and right then the Kingdom of Crisis already knows that there is a hero who is a Named Kotaro Minammi Kamen Rider Black.
Kotaro Minammi invited to join the Kingdom of Crisis to rule the earth, but unfortunately he refused to attempt to destroy Kotaro Crisis Minammi which is the Kamen Rider Black.

In an effort against the Kingdom of Crisis Kotaro not be transformed into Kamen Rider Balck, this is because the influence of magic Maribaron which is one of the leadership of the Kingdom of Crisis. And in the end Kotaro Arrested and tortured and then thrown into Outer Space.

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When Kotaro Minammi thrown out of the sky, the Stone King (King Stone) which is the navel energy Kamen Rider Black get a reaction akibar sun rays. Stone King then absorb solar energy which is then accumulated into force. Because absorption is so high makes Kotaro Minammi pushed and fell keplanet Earth.
Then he Be Kamen Rider Black Rx that has tremendous power over the previous strength, stance handalannya kick Death (rider kick) and The Sun Sword (Sword of the Sun). And he has additional capabilities that can turn into Rx and Rx Bio Robo Riders Rider.

Kamen Rider Black originally was a young man named Kotaro Minami who were abducted by extraterrestrials “Golgom” to be transformed into cyborgs, instilled in him the King Stone which can give strength as Century King that will be used Golgom to mengusai Earth. Fortunately Kotaro escaped before the process of unification King Stone in his body perfectly. Having realized the evil intentions golgom & realized that he was not human anymore, he uses his strength to fight Golgom. Motor Kamen Rider Black is 2, namely Road Sector & Battle Hopper.

Kamen Rider Black RX is an upgraded version of Kamen Rider Black. when Kamen Rider Black managed to beat Golgom, the world was peaceful again. 5 years later, when Kotaro is riding a helicopter, an accident caused by extraterrestrials Crisis Empire. The purpose of the Crisis Empire are Kamen Rider Black eliminate the barriers them to master the Earth. Kotaro was thrown into space, and he showered with gunfire plasma from the space shuttle Crisis Empire. Due to continuous shot, Kingstone is at waist Kotaro broke. And because the effects of cosmic and solar radiation, Kingstone & create the effect of supernovae evolve while creating a devastating explosion that caused Kotaro thrown back to Earth. Kotaro also has turned into a new, more powerful figure again that is Kamen Rider Black RX. Once again Kotaro fought to protect the Earth Crisis Empire. Kamen Rider Black RX has a weapon in the form of a sword Light Saber. He has 2 vehicles which motor Acrobatter which is an upgrade from the Battle Hopper, and a car called Rideron. In the final episodes of Kamen Rider Black RX, he was assisted by the 10 Kamen Rider ever to fight the Crisis Empire.

Kamen Rider Black RX can also be turned into a 2 form that is when he is emotionally affected. The first is a change to the RX Robo which is a burst of grief expression, RX Robo-armed form of laser & motor pistol called Roboizer. Transition to RX Robo makes it more powerful & has a high durability but makes it slow. The second amendment is to be the RX Bio which is overflowing anger expression, with this change RX Bio can move faster and be able to transform themselves into a kind of energy beam that can make them fly quickly. The weapon is still using Light Saber & bike is Mach Jabba.


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