Sanosuke Sagara

25 May 2011 at 10:24 (Samurai X)

Sanosuke Sagara
Sanosuke Sagara viewed by its name and characteristics of the real Shinsengumi members named 

When the group is destroyed by the Meiji government, he became a fighter-for-hire to calm the anger by opponents. During the introduction in the series, he met with the wanderer Kenshin Himura, who easily defeated him and was able to convince him to stop work pay and instead begin to protect people. After the meeting, Kenshin Sanosuke became best friends and partners in most of their fights.

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Sanosuke is a fomer member of the Army Sekihō, after admiring the captain, Sagara Sozo, and took the family name, Sagara, from him. But when the revolutionary government found financial problems, the label Sekihō Army as a fraud in order to “bury their promises.” Sozo runs, Sanosuke leaves as one of the few survivors. Consumed with hatred for the Ishin Shishi,

and guilt for failing to protect her hero, be a trader Sanosuke fight in Tokyo Over the next ten years. He earned a reputation as one of the strongest fighters hired kota.Penghancuran Sekihō Army and the loss of all his friends have led to Sanosuke hates the Meiji government and he is wearing a Japanese kanji for “evil” on the back of his jacket. He bears this symbol as a sign of loyalty to his past in the Army Sekihō Sanosuke uses.

A large zanbatō in battle, he gave a Zanza moniker. Knives do not have the edge and Sanosuke just use it to destroy and crush his opponents.


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Samurai X ( Kenshin Himura )

25 February 2011 at 03:30 (Samurai X)  Samurai X tells about the early background of the Meiji era in Japan. The name Samurai X is taken from the X-shaped mark on his face scarred Kenshin. and a major role in this story is Kenshin Himura animationheros. Kenshin is the only butcher had feared during the Meji Revolution. After the war ended and the death of his wife Tomoe Himura, he promised not to kill again because the memory is dead. He calls himself is Kenshin and became a wanderer, using the sword with the blade reversed, and born only to keep those he loved. He has the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu style of swordsmanship from Seijuro Hiko. nickname of Kenshin is the Battousai  the Die“.

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