Dragon Shiryu Part. 2 Technique

9 June 2011 at 23:41 (Saint Seiya)

Dragon Shiryu  Technique
Pilar Indian Ocean: First General Marino which is Krishna is Chrysaor, who used his lance to attack Shiryu. At this time uses the power Shiryu Shura left on his right arm, Excalibur, and cut the spear of Krishna. The General begins to use his cosmo to create an invisible barrier, but manages to defeat Shiryu Chakras cutting all at the same time with Excalibur. Unfortunately again be blinded because before he was hit by Roshini Krishna Maha.Temple of Poseidon as Hyogo Shiryu, Shun and Shaina offered shields to protect Seiya Poseidon who tried to attack with a golden arrow, but they were returned him. Seiya Poseidon finally gives the arrow and can contact the Home Support where Athena. But Poseidon fully awake and attacks with its terrible power. At this point, it appears golden armor and protects Aquarius after wearingDragon Shiryu Technique the armor Hyogo Aquarium and faces the power of Poseidon. When your power is about to be exceeded, Shiryu protecting it with the coat of Libra. Shiryu wears armor with Libra and face Poseidon Hyogo who build with a combined attack.

Video in the end shiryu :

Saga de Hades
In the OVA Shiryu faces Algol of Perseus, Dante Cerberus and Capella of Auriga that had been resurrected by Hades as long as you swear allegiance. The Holy achieved with Rozan Sho beat Ryu Ha is also worth mentioning that in the anime version, Shiryu has a small battle with Ikki, who try to avoid to go to the shrine to fight, a fact that never happens in the manga.

Shiryu intervene by raising the combined sky Athena Exclamation (Note that in the manga he does alone, while in the help Seiya OVA, Hyogo and Shun). Like the other Bronze Saints come to the Temple of Athena, when she took her own life. Shion, Old Patriarch, explains the reason for this death and blood of the goddess restored Bronze armor. Then head to the Castle of Hades, where the just may leave of Shura, who disappears at the end of the twelve hours of life that Hades gave five Gold Saints who died in the Battle of the Twelve Houses.

The Fourth Circle: Defeat Rock Golem easily and with faces Hyogo Phlegyas of Lycaon, but both were defeated. Kanon Phlegyas defeat and helps them cross the swamp of the Fourth Circle.

In the Wall of Lamentation: He faces three spectra: Alraune Queen, Gordon and Minotauro Sylphid Basilisk, protecting the entrance to the tunnel leading into the abyss that led to the Champs Elysees. Spectra Force to attack the three together and then run your Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha with what Gordon and Queen beats a definitive but not to Sylphyd who follows him to the superDimension exploding high pressure to not be protected by the blood of a god.

On the Champs Elysees: Dress Libra golden armor, although very briefly, because it is destroyed by Thanatos. Then with the help of Athena’s blood, revive his armor, which is reborn as the Dragon God Cloth. In a combined attack to defeat Hyogo Hypnos, the god of Sleep. Then join your cosmo with Athena who had dressed their Kamei, and his brothers to defeat Hades.Saga of Heaven

Overture: With angel face Hyogo Artemis, Odysseus, who uses his power to return their attacks. Seiya finds them almost defeated, but seeing the tenacity of Seiya, Shiryu Hyogo recover and defeat Odysseus with a combined attack.
Special Techniques

The techniques used are:

    Rozan Shoryuha ( Upward Rozan Dragon): Strike that concentrates all the power of the dragon on his right fist. This beat is able to reverse the course of the cascade of Rozan, but has a weak point. While focusing the entire cosmos necessary, a dragon appears on the back and right of the dragon claw shows exactly the position of his heart. In addition to launching the attack down the left arm a split second, revealing Shiryu’s chest. If an enemy attacks him at that time could result in death, but one who received the terrible power of technology is a stroke can kill the enemy and the enemy can end up with full armor in tatters.
Rozan Ryuhisho ( Rozan Flying Dragon): Variation of the Rising Dragon, but more powerful than this.
Rozan Hyakuryuha (Hundred dragons Rozan): Similar to above but launch hundreds of attacks with one swing. This technique is taught his master in the fight he had against Shion of Aries during the attack of the Saints revived by Hades, the Sanctuary.
Rozan Kouryuha (Last Dragon Rozan): By concentrating all his universe to a level beyond the maximum, causing a terrible explosion that destroys everything that is near and that also launched thousands of miles away. Shiryu discovered this technique by accident while training for the Rising Dragon.
Ekusukariba ( Excalibur?): This technique was bequeathed by Capricorn Shura, which in the battle of the twelve houses saved the lives of Shiryu, placing the golden armor of Capricorn and it joined him in his right arm soul and the sword Excalibur, capable of cutting anything.

Bronze Armor Dragon

It lay deep in the course of the cascade of Rozan. It was said that the water falling over the falls of the mountain, came directly from the sky and continued to receive the celestial water impact, the armor had become harder and brighter than the same diamond.
Evolution of the Dragon Armor

The Dragon bronze armor was damaged several times in the course of the series, with Aries Mu, responsible for repairing. In the manga, the armor changes shape each time it is repaired, and more than that, the armor becomes a more elegant and especially that further protects the body.

In the manga, Dragon armor evolves at the following times:

    When Shiryu Jamir returns after they were repaired by Mu
When MU armor repairs in the house of Aries, before the confrontation with the Gold Saints in the battle of the twelve houses.
When Gold Saints voluntarily repaired the armor with their blood, before the Saga of Poseidon.
When the armature is reborn with the blood of Athena in Hades Saga
When the armature is completely revived dust when Shiryu cosmos reaches a level that is comparable with that of the gods.

In the anime, the original design of the armor remains intact until the start of the second season of the series and changes:

    When Gold Saints offered to revive the armor using his blood.
When the blood of Athena is used to repair armor.
When on the Champs Elysees Shiryu raise your cosmos to a level comparable to that of the Olympian gods, his armor powder completely reborn, becoming Divine.

It should be noted that when Santos Dorados use his blood to revive the bronze armor, they earn a little cosmos of gold saints. Because of this, the second version of the dragon’s armor (fourth version in the manga) can change from bronze to gold when Shiryu cosmos increases the maximum.

Note that in the manga, is your teacher Dohko who offers his blood to revive the Dragon armor, while the anime is Mu of Aries who does it.
Gold Armor Libra

Shiryu wore the armor of Capricorn, when Shura sends it to Earth, saving his life and sacrificing it.

Eventually, Shiryu is powerful enough to use the Gold Cloth Libra Dohko inherited from his teacher. The armor protects him on several occasions, he was named as the owner of this armor during the battle with Hades by his teacher after he died following the destruction of the Wailing Wall.

Libra armor was sent to the Champs Elysees by Poseidon, to help Shiryu in his confrontation with Thanatos. Even so the armor is completely destroyed.


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Dragon Shiryu Part. 1

8 June 2011 at 08:18 (Saint Seiya)

Lost his mother when he was taken into the orphanage Graude Foundation, owned by Mitsumasa Kido, who is actually his father (in the manga), like the rest of the bronze saints who competed in the Galactic Tournament. He was then selected to join the group of children sent to the Foundation various training sites for each, a Bronze Armor and the range of Santos. In the draw made to select the place of training, Shiryu was ordered to go to the Five Peaks of China, where they train with the master Dohko.Training

Shiryu was trained in the Five Peaks of China, with the teacher Dohko, Santo Gold Libra. Shiryu unaware that his teacher was a Saint Dorado until the time of the death mask, Santo Dorado Cancer appeared in Rozan, with the objective of assassinating Dohko because he had not answered the call of the Patriarch.

After six years of training, was recognized as Shiryu Saint of Bronze, when I finally was able to reverse the cascade of Rozan, thus obtaining the armor of the Dragon.

Galactic TournamentShiryu part in the Galactic Tournament and its first (and only) fight faces Seiya, Saint of Pegasus. At first take the advantage, as is indicated by the fist harder and stronger the shield between the Bronze Saints. But half the battle appears Shunrei, bringing you news that their teacher is about to die. Bewildered by the news is slowly overtaken by Seiya, who destroys his fist and shield in a suicide attack. Because of this continuing struggle both without armor. Shiryu Seiya finally defeat exploiting the weakness of the dragon’s attack. The coup de Seiya heartbeat stop Shiryu. Almost on the verge of death is saved by Seiya, who hits him violently in the back, to reconnect his heart. It should be noted that this fight creates a special bond between Seiya and Shiryu that binds strongly.
Black Saints

In the confrontation with the Black Saints, led by Ikki, he touched with his double bridle, the Holy Black Dragon, who takes advantage of the fight, because Shiryu just recovering from having given half his blood to repair armor of Pegasus and Dragon. To defeat him, Shiryu has to unleash their cosmos, for it is freed from the dragon’s armor and using his Dragon Rising, finally defeat his opponent. This effort causes the body’s blood Shiryu outbreak through their pores. Resigned to die, is finally saved by the Black Dragon, who uses his technique to stop bleeding from Shiryu.

In the manga, there are dos Santos Black Dragon who are brothers. The initial fight against Shiryu is done in a dark cave where the first dragon who was blind and told him to another position where he was Shiryu. In this way the other dragon could attack with ease. Shiryu discover the secret and ends with the Dragon blind and then continues the fight against another Dragon.Los Santos de Plata

The first group of Santos de Plata sent to assassinate the Bronze Saints, he had to deal with Algol in Perseus, who uses his shield of Medusa to turn Seiya and Shun in stone. Shiryu is at a disadvantage because he can not face without looking Algol. Algol tries to attack, covering his eyes, but the shield of Medusa turns to stone her arm. Shiryu makes a decision, with his fingers and eventually destroys their retinas, unaffected the power of the Medusa Shield, defeat Algol with Dragon Rising. With the death of Algol, Seiya and Shun return to normal. In the anime, he is about to be defeated, there are the Saints of Steel, who initially offered resistance, but are then defeated. Also in the anime faces Oko, who long ago was his classmate and rival for the possession of the Dragon armor.
The Battle of the Twelve Houses

House Taurus: Shiryu was shot down (as all but Seiya) and you lose the start of combat. He then joins the rest of the Bronze Saints to fight Aldebaran and a combined attack with arms freeze Hyōgo achieve the Holy Dorado, so get moving to the house of Gemini.

In the manga, Aldebaran let them pass without a fight after the trio of Saints.

Gemini House, Shiryu and others come together at the House of Gemini, however, found out notice at the entrance again, but this time there are two houses of Gemini. Sign in with Seiya in the house on the right. There are presented the illusion of Santo Gemini, but Shiryu, being blind is not affected. Sensing that the entrance is just behind Holy Dorado course, manage to emerge unscathed from this House.

House Cancer: facing the Holy Golden Death Mask, who has an evil mind. Infernal Waves attack with Cancer, Shiryu is sent to the door of the world of the dead, there is a walk to the Yomotsu Hyoga. Shiryu Hyoga trying to save, but Athena appears and says that if you are there, he could not pull off, and end up falling in Yomotsu. Athena returns you back to the house of Cancer, but falls into the infernal waves again. There is about to be defeated. However, Death Mask makes the grave mistake of attacking Shunrei telepathically, causing the wrath of Shiryu, attacking mercilessly Death Mask. However, thanks to the golden armor, Death Mask is not damaged. During the fight, attacking the leg Shiryu Death Mask and the golden armor of this is clear. Then the arm and so on until the armor leaves Mask evil Death for his soul. Shiryu not want to fight with advantage and takes off the armor, Shiryu seventh sense awakens and manages to send a Mask of Death by Yomotsu, abyss that leads to the Underworld. Because of this effort possible to recover the sight.

Libra House: Using the weapons of armor Libra, Hyōgo manages to release the ice coffin had been imprisoned by his master Camus of Aquarius.

House of Capricorn: The last battle of Shiryu in the twelve houses (excluding the battle against Saga). Shiryu faces Capricorn Shura, who takes the lead in the battle with his sacred sword Excalibur. However, Shiryu takes advantage of the weakness of the Dragon’s attack and cut in half the right arm of Shura. After that accumulates the most of his cosmos and running technique prohibited the Last Dragon with the Shura is carried out of the atmosphere. At the last moment Shura acknowledges he was wrong, protect Shiryu in his armor, they transfer their power Excalibur to his right arm and sends it back to the ground as he turns into stardust. Note: The short sleeved arm not only breaks it Shura

Temple of Athena: In the anime, Shiryu, Shun Hyogo recently saved from death by Athena, Seiya react to seeing practically destroyed by the attacks of Saga. The three attacked the Saint of Gemini, but their powers are returned to them. Despite his terrible wounds and not have their five senses Seiya gets up again, the other Bronze Saints motivated by this attitude, react and turn on their maximum and the cosmos to join the Seiya who defeats the evil power that dominated the Saga mind.

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