Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno)

9 June 2011 at 07:12 (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno)Sailor Mercury. Sailor berelemental ice that harnesses the power of ‘science’ / knowledge. Change the Sailor made ​​it to see more clearly than when normal. In battle he is to find a strategy to defeat the opponent. Actually, he secretly likes the mysterious Tuxedo Mask-. In the past she has love in Saphire. Make friends with the Sailor and the fool Usagi carry a different meaning in his life. At first he was a loner who does not know with friends. His mother was a doctor who is very busy and can only see him in times that are less precise. The father is an artist who never look on his face.
Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno)

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Sailor Moon ( Usugi )

7 February 2011 at 02:47 (Sailor Moon)   Usagi is a girl who was careless and sloppy, but when transformed into Sailor Moon, he became a hero defender of love, truth and justice. In the past she is Princess Serenity is like a prince of the Earth. But cruel fate and destiny separates them both unite them in this world again.     * Sailor Moon. Heroes of the two that emerged after the SailorV, the initial shapes and Sailormoon costume similar to SailorV, but after the change process and increase the strength, the costumes became the same as in the anime. Levels or levels of Sailormoon can be seen from brosnya, initially globular, heart-shaped slowly and last to be a star.

* Princess Serenity (past). Always curious about new things he did not accidentally make eye contact with a man. The man who rattled her. But his bodyguards Serenity will commemorate its duties. But the sudden uprising which occurred on the side of the Earth Endimion about to strike the Moon. But Endimion not present to attack or destroy the Moon but to
save the Princess and dead ends. Serenity is not a strong view accept his love died and participate together endimion

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