Haru Glory

8 March 2011 at 05:36 (Rave Master)

www.animationheros.com    All of these stories come from the year 0015 (year to read 10 015 0015), while it forces known as the “mother” of all the Dark Bring Sinclaire, threatened the world.
Haru Glory: The main character of the story. He is the second Rave Master. At first Haru has no intention of venturing into the world. But for the sake of defeating Demon Card, Haru finally go and look for Rave to achieve this ambition.
Haru is the Rave special forces (also known as Holy Bring), but connected to him carrying a big sword, known as the Sword Decaforce, Ten Commandments, which he received from Shiba after learning that he was the new Rave Master. Ten Powers are named as such because the main part of the Rave gives the sword the power to take 9 other forms, while the original form created by Musica Galein blacksmith.
    * Form 1 – Eisenmeteor: The original form of the Ten Commandments, it is a common metal sword that can not be blocked from magic attacks. This can be seen in the first confrontation between Haru and Sieg Hart.    

* Form 2 – Blast: A powerful sword that was not right but it creates a powerful explosion on contact with the enemy. This is Haru’s first sword gained from Rave and the most commonly used. However, the shock is strong affected to the extent that if Haru uses in succession is too much, it probably could injure or kill him.    

* Form 3 – Silfarion: Rave Master Sword allows a very lightweight, provide high speed and the ability to make blades for long range air attacks. Silpharion also can be used with a bang to make a special attack called “Bombing Dive” (“Twelve Wings of Dragon explosives”) which fires explosive blades at the enemy. However, Silpharion relatively weak as a weapon at close range and no more than a normal sword for attacking. This form also allows Haru to catch his opponents realized, albeit in a Chapter 61 swords were beaten by Racas, one of the Imperial Guard. All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….

* Form 4 – Runesave: unique jagged sword which can not cut anything physical but can cut things without a tangible form like lightning, water, fire, or smoke. It also can be used to seal magic, and is used by Haru to seal Elie’s Etherion. Then, in a battle between Haru and Lucia, Lucia Decalogus Runesave use it to cover Haru Runesave, making it unable to block Lucia’s magic attacks.

* Form 5 – Crimson Blue: Ten Powers are divided into two blades with one having the nature of fire and the other has the properties of ice. Fire and ice can also be used as long-distance attacks. To use the sword to its full potential, users need to be ambidextrous, making it difficult to use the sword to Haru as he is the right hand. This sword is also useful in parry attacks from two opponents simultaneously. During the duel with various members of the Oracion Seis, Haru Blue Crimson used to fend off Berial and Reina’s combined attacks. Ironically, Haru’s first use of this twin blades against Let, who belongs to the dragon race.
All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….
    * Form 6 – Mel Force: Sword of the air, this form allows the user to fire powerful bursts of air at the enemy to blow them away and paralyze them.

* Form 7 – Gravity Core: A very destructive sword that can penetrate a very hard thing. However, the tradeoff is heavy and very heavy and thus require great strength to use. Although more powerful than Explosion, it’s very difficult to use a knife. Haru usually jump / swing through before switching to Gravity Core for maximum damage.    

* Form 8 – Million Suns: The meaning of “one million solar power.” Sword blades are made of pure light, holy light generally blinds Haru’s opponents and dispels darkness. Used by Haru to defeat the Pumpkin Doryu and defect strength of Dark Bring.  

* Form 9 – Sacrifar: The most damaging of all forms, bloodthirsty knife Sacrifar is a scary emotion from trading for power users and will be Carnage. As the sword was not made for Haru (but somewhat Shiba), the sword will take over users after some time. Even Lucia was only able remain in control for a short time when using a version of Sacrifar Decalogus.    

* Current Default / Form 10 – Ravelt [In the anime called: Star Raver]: The most powerful form of the Ten Powers. When Musica found that the form of one-tenth of the Ten Powers are never made for Haru, he takes on himself to make one, use a piece of his Silver, the metal remaining from the First Ten Powers and a mixture of iron and silver manipulation skills (he almost died from exhaustion in the process .) Ravelt has the power to eliminate evil and becomes the default sword, while still being able to change and use another sword of power using Rave. Haru uses to destroy Ten Ravelt Shiba’s Powers so as to rest with him in heaven.All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….


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