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2 January 2011 at 11:54 (Lucky Luke)       Character as The Man Who shoots faster Than his shadow this is going to appear on the big screen, ‘Lucky Luke’. This French film leads Lucky back to his hometown, Daisy Town. As a cowboy, he must confront the bandits.

In 1846, young Lucky (Mathias Sandor) witnessed the murder of his parents by the bandits who did not know. A clear picture of the murder was a sudden burst in his head when Lucky (Dujardin) back to Daisy Town.
However, the town where he grew up it is currently headed by a number of bandits and snipers. Their leader was Pat Poker (Daniel Prevost).
Truly Lucky has vowed not to kill people. However, his encounter with Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane, and Jesse James who likes to quote Shakespeare’s sentence forced him to violate his vow. He conducted a series of shots for an hour in a row.
The story is like a cowboy without a bandit like vegetables without salt. Lucky had enemies Mexican bandits. However, Lucky is described as the perfect figure of a cowboy. He can shoot faster than his shadow. Lucky is always shaded by the fortune. Horse, Jolly Jumper, is a white horse who is very clever and agile, can even upload their own saddle and can be invited to speak. Great right?
Cinemas in Indonesia will present the film ‘Lucky Luke’ this year. Directed by James Huth apparently really want to adopt a character based on the images of extreme Lucky Luke Morris aka Maurice de Bevere, Belgian comic artist who created the character ‘Lucky Luke’. Starting from a typical Lucky jeans to joke the Jolly Jumper.
Trace its history, the series ‘Lucky Luke’ start was made from the late 1940s. The popularity of this series began to spread throughout Europe in the late 1950s and still continue to survive until the 1970s when Morris joined together with the creators of Asterix series, namely Rene Goscinny.

The film ‘Lucky Luke’ had also appeared in the animated version. ‘Lucky Luke in Daisy Town “appeared in 1971 with the voice of Marcel Bozzuffi, and’ Lucky Luke in Ballad of the Daltons’ in 1978.

Serial ‘Lucky Luke’ on television in circulation since 1983 with the voice of Bill Galloway as many as 26 titles. Meanwhile, 26 other titles is the second series that begins in 1991 with the voice of Terence Hill.

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