Go Seiba

26 May 2011 at 14:36 (LETS AND GO)

Go Seiba
animation heroes All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world…….
Go Seiba
Go is the second of the two title characters. He is the younger brother of Retsu by one year, and he was in fourth grade. Go rash, impulsive, careless, impatient, and impudent. He is usually seen wearing glasses, but they are in the forehead most of the
see video action of go seiba :

time as opposed to close his eyes. its basic color is blue, which is the color of her hair, eyes, gloves, and shoes, and his car.

    Car: Magnum Saber ( Magunamu Seibā), Victory Magnum ( Bikutorī Magunamu), Magnum 600 ( 600 Magunamu rokuhyaku), Cyclone Magnum ( Saikuron Magunamu), Beat Magnum ( Bito Magunamu), Lightning Magnum ( Raitoningu Magunamu) and lastly, the Bison Magnum.


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Retsu Seiba Sonic

26 April 2011 at 05:36 (LETS AND GO)

Retsu Seiba Sonicwww.animationheros.com Seiba Retsu is the team leader of Victory TRF.Kepemimpinnya represents more than dirinya.Ia value is a figure the firm and adil.Meskipun leader, sometimes he feels jealous of her sister, Go Seiba.

Mini 4WD Specifications:

4wd car from retsu experienced several changes adayang in because of damage due to the game and nothing has changed since he developed his own bteknologi development as for the change from the mini 4wdnya is.

see video about retsu :


· Sonic Saber

· Vanguard Sonic

· Sonic Hurricane

· Sonic Buster


Mini 4WD Sonic has advantages in terms menikung.meskipun in terms of speed is still inferior to Magnum.Sonic also known as a very stable car in the drive, so rarely get significant damage.
Yeng has the ability but the best are Sonic Buster because this is the last of sonic changes.

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