23 March 2011 at 05:43 (Kungfu Boy)

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Travel Chinmi to develop their knowledge, required him to sit at the Master Yosen, an old kung fu warrior who was known by the warriors Dairin Temple. Although only briefly, but the contribution of Guru Yosen about actual combat, making Chinmi felt compelled to study more. A temple when suddenly attacked by a man named Dairin Oudow which turned out to be a former pupil of the Temple dairin and including one pupil teacher Yosen. Old man who already do not see any hope for all people dikuil dairin none could resist Oudow deliberately unseal God of Thunder and give it to Chinmi stance.

God of Thunder is a forbidden jutsu that can kill the opponent if the opponent is affected by stance and finally managed to beat Oudow Chinmi use the God of Thunder but the mental pressure obtained Chinmi make Chinmi Dairin left temple until it was found that Oudow not die so Chinmi to return to the Temple Dairin. Not long after this incident Chinmi eventually became a teacher and his students have themselves but suddenly Chinmi got the call and sent to the town Nazil to resist wind forces and Chinmi Wolves with better complete the task that led to name the land was Chinmi began to be heard.


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