13 January 2011 at 04:23 (IRONMAN) Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark was born in Long Island, New York, and is a son to Howard Stark, a wealthy businessman and head of Stark Industries, and his wife Maria Stark. Tony’s a genius little extraordinary, accompanied MIT at the age of 15 years, then became the most brilliant student. After his parents terkorban highway in misfortune, he inherited his father Sarekat. When watching the impressions experimental technology in the American war effort Sarekat, Stark hit by injury and then faint jerangkap captive by the enemy who was then directing them to their weapons. However, once a devastating injury Stark and fragments in his chest can stab the heart. Another prisoner named Yin Mon helps Stark uses the workshop to berahsia-rahsia them and build a parachute shield Stark ruled that save lives by ensuring the throbbing heart. Stark used clothes Tiu to escape, but Yin Mon terkorban when trying to escape. Stark revenge against his captors, then returned to the bosom of the American Military. On his way he met an American Air juruterbang Sarekat Military helicopters are injured, named James “Rhodey” Rhodes.

Once home, Stark finds fragments in his chest should not be uninstalled without killing him, then he was forced to wear the chest plate of armor clothes clothing it in reverse as the guardian of her heart. He also must mengecas original plate every day, or face the threat of debris that. Identiti actually Iron Man diselindungi by the fact that unlicensed Iron Man is Stark’s bodyguard Stark peribadi and corporate mascot. With that, Iron Man against threats to syarikatnya, Communist opponents such as the Black Widow, the Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man and also penyangak-free penyangak like Mandarin. No sesiapa also think Stark is Iron Man he kerana images highlight the wealthy businessman. Two people loyal to Stark’s assistant at this time is to guide peribadinya Harold “Happy” Hogan and setiausahanya Virginia “Pepper” Potts, who justified the Duality identiti know Stark. Meanwhile, Jim Rhodes become Stark peribadi juruterbang exceptional skill and courage.

At first, this comic took an anti-Communist stance, but this was commuted kerana beransur rise of opposition to the Vietnam War. This change applies in one siri cereka Stark-cereka which initially consider the establishment of political and fairness to produce weapons for the Military. Stark uses peribadinya property is not simple to shield menyelenggara clothes, even advancing weapons to SHIELD and other technologies for wira-teklnologi other officers.

Eventually, Stark’s heart condition and general disedari diubati by the removal of artificial heart. However, Stark also increasingly addicted alcohol. The first time this becomes a problem is when Stark menyedari that unlicensed national safety agency SHIELD so far have bought one guard in syarikatnya interests to ensure the continual promotion of Stark weapons to their side. At the same time, commercial competitors Stark, Justin Hammer, hired several penyangak to attack Stark. At one time, dress shields “Iron Man” was stolen and used to kill a diplomat. Although Iron Man is not necessarily disyaki, Stark directed to submit a shirt shield ruling party. So Stark joined Rhodes, now utterly dependable and juruterbang peribadi Stark, to track and killed sesiapa responsible, but Hammer returned to glaze Stark again. With his girlfriend Bethany Cabe, friends and kakitangannya in hand, victorious Stark mengharungi crisis-this mess while overcoming alcohol addiction.

Not long later, a strict enemy named Obadiah Stane manipulate emotions resulting Stark Stark disease recurrence. As a result, Stark loses his / her attorney at Stark International, into a bottle that no adventurer foot residence and gave clothes to shield Rhodes, the Rhodes becomes Iron Man’s new for a long period of time. Not long later, Stark recovers and new Sarekat mengasaskan, Circuits Maximus. Stark rivet attention on the latest technological invention, including the fostering of new clothes as sebahagian shield recovery therapy. Rhodes still plays Iron Man but beransur-ansur increasingly aggressive and paranoid, it does not shield kerana ditentukur dress correctly for their utility. Finally Rhodes rampage, then Stark was forced to wear clothes prototaip for killing. When Circuits Maximus face the threat of Stane, Stark uses a new generation of clothing that a new shield was ready for battle with Stane. Proficiency Stark proved no match for the use of parachute lainan Stane (Iron Monger title) that are less experienced then get back syarikatnya Stark victorious when Stane killed himself to escape from arrest.

Clothes shieldIron Man has a powerful shield clothes that gave him incredible strength and resilience, ability to fly, and an assortment of weapons. This shield clothing created and used by Stark himself, unless there are some others who took over identit including Iron Man’s best friend James Rhodes, the allies of Harold “Happy” Hogan, Eddie March, and Michael O’Brien.

Weapons systems have evolved to follow the circulation of his shirt era, but the most important offensive weapon for the Iron Man is a ray that was shot of the tread repellent gloves. Other weapons that never fitted in various variants of these clothes including projectors shining shield on his chest; pulse bars that collect kinetic energy when running for the far more severe the collision; a penjana electromagnetic pulse and a power shield. -Permissibility permissibility including penjanaan ultra-freon, income and manipulation of magnetic fields, sonic blast and penjana holograms to produce feed.

In addition to utility models wore pm, Stark helped promote several special parachute to escape space flight, diving sea floor, penyelinapan and others. Stark customize parachute parachute-like dress shield “Hulkbuster”, which included extra on clothes modularnya shield to reinforce the strength and durability allow it to handle more for Incredible Hulk. One more model is based on cooked to oppose Thor Destroyer and uses a mystical power source.

Stark is a genius who holds a high diploma in kejuruteraan. He explained that high akumen commerce, its original master-syarikatnya Sarekat after his loss many times, and build-syarikatnya Sarekat grip for increased wealth itself. If Stark can not use shield clothes, he asked for Captain America to train his martial arts into kuhuh gar.


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