8 January 2011 at 18:22 (HULK)   Hulk was created as a person who has the passion and emotional alter ego that can physically change a Dr. Bruce Banner. Hulk comes after Banner accidentally exposed to gamma bomb test explosion of which he had found. After the incident, Banner would turn into the Hulk, depicted as a giant, humanoid monster, directing Banner life becomes very complicated. It is said by Stan Lee, the Hulk was inspired by a combination of Dr figures. Jekyll and Mr.. Hyde, and Frankenstein.
Although Hulk skin coloration vary from various historical publications, the most frequently published is the skin that is green. As the Hulk, Banner could bring tremendous strength, in line with the level of anger this figure. Strong emotions such as anger, terror and grief is also a trigger physical changes menajadi Banner Hulk. The storyline is often published between Banner and Hulk are often chased by the police and armed forces because of vandalism she had done.

Character pseudonym Robert Bruce Banner Human Species Affiliates Warbound group Avengers Defenders Pantheon Hulkbusters (Banner) Aka Joe Fixit The Green Scar War The ability of super strength


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