Roy Mustang

14 June 2011 at 23:23 (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Roy Mustang
Roy Mustang is a colonel (Taishan), which also alkemist (Alchemist who can use the power of alchemy) state. Nicknamed Flame Alchemist. He is one of the strongest in Amestris Alchemist alchemy although it is sometimes hindered the rain problems (like when he met Scar at the East City) He entered the military because he wanted to protect his country and all who are in it. This dream got exams when he plunged into war Ishvar, which is often referred to as a venue for the massacre. Although he was nicknamed Ishvar war hero, he is haunted by the tragedy in Ishvar. Since then, he aspired to become Fuhrer to change the country and bring it to peace.

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Strong determination to make a lot of people who sympathize and support him, and no less loyal to him. Roy is one of the homunculi Alchemist selected to be sacrificial, even though he only really became a candidate after he made the human transmutation and open the gate because of coercion Pride. a result of it, roy experience.

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Edward Elric

15 March 2011 at 09:48 (Fullmetal Alchemist)    Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric originally lived happily with their parents. But since his father’s job is alkemist (chemist), his father, who named Van Hohenheim often travel outside the house, so Ed and Al just lived with her mother, Trisha Elric. Being too tired taking care of the house alone, Trisha became ill and eventually died. Ed and Al who was still small, but has inherited his father’s talent as alkemist trying to revive the mother. However, their efforts failed. Al’s body is taken as an “entry fee” for the transmutation of man is taboo in alchemy. Ed panic eventually move into the spirit of Al’s armor for a fee of his right hand and left leg. All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….

In the midst of despair, Ed got an offer to become a state Alchemist (State Alchemist). after considering the advantages obtained various privileges so that he could investigate and find ways to restore their bodies, Ed accepted the offer. Hands and feet were replaced with automail Ed. After that, Ed take the test and pass a state exam Alchemist Alchemist statehood as the youngest in history and earned the nickname of Fullmetal Alchemist. Along with Al, began the adventures of Ed in order to find ways to restore their bodies. All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….

In their adventures, they find that military cooperation with the Homunculus to destroy Amestris. Homunculus, homunculus was ordered specifically by the person who called with the nickname “Father.” This is the first Homunculus father in the world. In the manga version, this homunculus first caught in a small bottle. Homunculus can live as Van Hohenheim blood is given little to Homunculus. Van Hohenheim Homunculus friends familiar with this until one day the king in Cselk Cess ask the Homunculus to gain eternal life. After Homunculus tells how, began the manufacture of transmutation circle by the king Cselk Cess. Homunculus deceive Apparently the king and all the people in Cselk Cess be a sacrifice in making the philosopher’s stone (philosopher’s stone). Because the first Van Hohenheim help Homunculus.
All Heroes,enemies Carton and animation in the best in the world……….

the Homunculus give eternal life to Van Hohenheim in return for using a half stone wisely. Half were used by the Homunculus to transform itself into something like Van Hohenheim. Therefore, Ed, Al, and his friends tried hard to prevent the “father” in destroying Amestris. Edward Elric is the protagonist of this story. He was a tempramental and easily provoked emotions. Her body is short make it dubbed the “short” by everyone who saw it (and he is always angry because of it). Sometimes, people mistakenly think, do Al brother or sister, because Al is much higher than him. Still, he loved his brother, Al because it is the only family. Ed really hated his father because he thought his father was the cause of her death. Moreover, because his father was always cool and not peduli.ed is one of the victims ransmutasi, left leg and hand were taken for the return of life kananya al.

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