Ben Grimm

29 June 2011 at 13:30 (FantasticFour)

Ben GrimmBen GrimmThe Thing, whose real name is Benjamin Jacob Grimm, is a Marvel comic book character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961, is part of the Fantastic Quattro.Di Jewish origin, Benjamin J. Grimmgrew up in the neighborhood of Yancy Street in New York City, raised by his aunt and uncle after her parents died. Ben was very attached to his brother Daniel, who died during a fight between gangs, who taught the “rules” of the road and gain respect.

Despite its humble beginnings, he went to college, where he distinguished himself as a football player, and it was during these years that formed a deep friendship with Reed Richards, with whom even became roommates after the former partner of Reed, the Victor von Doom, he was expelled.

The two boys could not be more different: shy and thoughtful Reed, impulsive and bold Well, a genius of science, the other star of the sport, but the bond between the two was solid, those intended to last.

Years later, Ben enlisted in the Army, where he became an excellent fighter pilot. Precisely because of this talent, he was contacted by his old friend Reed, who offered to fly a rocket designed for space flight. Ben agreed and, in the company of Reed’s girlfriend, Susan and her brother, Johnny, the four headed into space.


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