Jonathan Storm

28 June 2011 at 13:20 (Fantastic Four)

Jonathan Storm
Jonathan StormThe Human Torch (Human Torch), whose real name is Jonathan “Johnny” Lowell Spencer Storm, is a cartoon character created by Stan Lee (text) and Jack Kirby (drawings), published by Marvel Comics, is one of the superheroes group of the Fantastic Four.Jonathan Storm did not have an easy childhood, his mother died in a car accident leaving only Johnny and Sue. However, this did not stop Johnny to become a hopeless suitor and a lover of racing cars. 

The most important race of his life was when he came with his sister in the ship of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, led by a cantankerous. The trip proved a total failure, cosmic rays hit the four giving him amazing powers. Eventually the ship made ​​an emergency landing, after landing the changes were manifested: Johnny could cover his body with fire without getting burned and launching flares.

Johnny initially, among countless adventures as the Torch, continued to study in high school. When the Fantastic Four became public heroes moved to the Baxter Building, and for years continued to be a member of the group, experiencing many adventures and several stories of love. Among the most important ones are surely the Crystal of the Inhumans, a long and tortured, only ended when she decided to marry the Avenger Quicksilver. Johnny for a while ‘was married to a Skrull named Lyla (convinced that this was actually Alicia Masters, a former girlfriend of Ben Grimm, which he had assumed the identity), but the marriage was annulled when he discovered the true nature her.


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Susan Storm

27 June 2011 at 12:59 (Fantastic Four)

Susan StormSusan StormThe Invisible Woman (Invisible Woman), whose real name is Susan “Sue” Storm Richards is a comic book character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961, published by Marvel Comics.

He is a member of the Fantastic Four. Sister of Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and wife of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) is able to make his body and the things he touches invisible and create force fields virtually indestructible.

In the past, he also assumed the identity of Malice.
Susan Storm Storm is the daughter of Franklin and his wife Mary. When his brother Johnny was about nine years old, her mother died in a car accident a few years after his father, a doctor, was arrested for illegal practices. Johnny and Susan and then lived with an aunt. When Susan was twelve years old, a young student named Reed Richards rented a room in the pension he was the owner’s aunt Susan and Susan fell in love with him despite the age difference. Years later in California, where Susan wanted to start acting, the two met again, and later became engaged.

Susan Strom In Action

Susan Reed and her brother followed in the launch of the ship that had an experimental design. The launch failed and the ship landed outside New York. During the trip, however, had been exposed to radiation once outside the ship and the four discovered that the genetic changes made ​​by the radiation had been given to each of them super powers. Richards convinced the others to use their power for the good of humanity as members of the Fantastic Four. Susan became known as Invisible Girl.

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