Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21)

14 June 2011 at 17:35 (Eyeshield 21)

 Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21)Sena is a class 1 high school student Deimon a weak and timid. Since elementary school, Sena has been used as a slave by his friends. Sena also has a childhood friend named Mamori Anezaki (Anezaki Mamori) who always protect it from interference by other children. Even so, the Sena has a very nimble feet as they often ran to execute commands that bad boys that make your feet & she used to run here and there. Then when the Sena managed to graduate high school entrance test Deimon, he was recruited Hiruma who found his home address with phone and send many lending brochure Amefuto to the home club to make Sena Sena stress. Actually that makes Sena Amefuto club is interested because he wants to be syumu (club manager) because of pity with Kurita is a member of his club only 2 people. But after a long time he finally excited about a player as well. This is because he has promised on Shin Seijūrō. When SD Sena has been commonly used as a slave of his friends but he was always rescued by Kaitani Riku, her classmate. Riku also has the nimble feet and it was he who taught Sena how to run for no longer bothered by his friends. But Sena instead use his running ability to be as fast time-ordered and was told to make Riku angry. Unfortunately Riku just 2 weeks of class with the Sena because her parents changed jobs. Still, Riku Sena promised to always train for a quick leg. Riku Sena finally met again in the position of Seibu Wild Runnerback Gunmans. Sena’s legs with speed train running from Riku technique for 6 years until his run could reach light speed 4.2 seconds. Sena and Suzuna seems like each other. In episode 87 after defeating Deimon Bando Spiders, Sena fainted because very exhausted. In the arms of Suzuna.Engineering

    Devil Bat Ghost: crossover step with the braking technique without reducing speed. Sena learn this technique in a 2000 km Death March in the U.S. by kicking a stone. These techniques generate shadow effect as if the Sena into 2 so confusing blocker opponent and make them count as an appropriate one to tackle. Later this technique developed as a basic technique other Sena.

    Devil Light Hurricane: also called the Devil Bat Tornado. This technique is created when a game against Kyoshin Poseidon by combining the Devil Bat Ghost and spin motion. Round effects that make the technique tackles 2 hands (such as his grapple Anchor Kakei) is not useful.

Devil Bat Dive: Sena jumped into the top row of line with full speed. Hiruma Sena do only allow 1 or 2 times in the field because this technique is very dangerous.
 Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21)
    Devil Stungun: using arms, fend Sena Shin’s Trident Tackle her and success despite not playing hurt and Shin launched Trident Tackle longer than his left arm. Sena gets inspiration from the fight against Agon Kongou. This technique is similar to techniques a.k.a. Panther Patrick Spencer of NASA Aliens who ignore safety ball to escape from opponents. This technique also uses a little jab from boxing movements. But ultimately this technique successfully broken by Marco from Hakushuu Dinosaurs using techniques Screw Bite.

see video Eyeshield 21 :

Ghost Devil Dive: Sena wearing Devil Bat Ghost and suddenly jump onto the opponent. This technique is created when the fight Shin Seijuurou and merged with the Devil Stungun while in the air to ward off so that Shin’s Trident Tackle Sena can be defeated with this technique. This technique is also used when the last play against the Ojo White Knights in the Kanto Tournament, and against the Yamato from Teikoku Alexanders in the Christmas Bowl. But Yamato can conquer this technique.

    Vertical Devil Light Hurricane: Sena reduce the distance to the opponent and then push as he rotates with the speed of light. By wearing the opponent’s body as a footstool, Sena spin while avoiding all the opponent’s attack. Because the distance is very narrow then the opponent with technique Defensive Attack nearby (such as Screw Bite Marco) could not grab the ball.

    Multiple Devil Bat Ghost: In chapter 287 after Yamato show Ghost Steps “original”, Sena decided to refine his Devil Bat Ghost in the wild, and Crossover Step Cut simple step that can be created 4 “shadow”.

    Devil 4th Dimension: Techniques Sena ran strongest. Invented during Christmas Bowl against the Teikoku Alexanders. When running with the speed of light, Sena do Backstep very quickly without changing its speed or balance. Doing this will tackle when the opponent is making tackles missed by a mile so the opponent can escape from custody Sena and move freely. Against the opponent, this technique effect as if time runs backwards (Fourth Dimension). The disadvantage is that after doing Backstep, there are times where Sena change the direction of flight of a snap, so he paused. The defender can stop your opponent when he saw it and pay attention to the direction Backstep run Sena. Yamato decided to break the lock using a technique backstep with Caesar’s Charge. With all his strength Yamato his running speed reaches the speed of light that go beyond running Sena in a heartbeat. Sena finally able to close the weakness that by combining the Devil 4th Dimension with the Devil Bat Ghost. She was successful in confusing the opponent at the time after a backstep and Yamato was finally subdued. Devil Bat Ghost Sena wear with running back is called Reverse Devil Bat Ghost. After that Yamato stated no strength or talent that can break this technique because it is “pure speed”.


    Record ran 40 yards: 4.2 seconds (develop into 4.1 seconds) when the fight OJOU WHITE KNIGHT
Bench Press: 10 kg, 40 kg in vol. 5, and 45 kg in at. 10
Position: Running Back
No. Players: 21
Class 1 high school
University: Enma
University Football Club: Enma Fire


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