Darkwing Duck

21 June 2011 at 11:31 (Darkwing Duck)

Darkwing Duck

The school friends, we learn that the birth of Darkwing Duck is in high school, during the prom. After megavolt makes its appearance at the party starting to panic, Mozzarella Drake (nickname given to Mallard from the high school bully), the first after a clumsy and futile attempt to defeat the one who will be one of its main enemies, is thrown behind the stage. Here, with the costumes and the smoke, created the character of Darkwing Duck (although initially he had thought the name was “frightening creature super-fast”). Reappeared after the dance, saying for the first time his typical phrase, zaps megavolt. The preferred weapon of masked duck to fight crime is his gas gun, which fires different types of gases (smoke balls, laughing gas, tear gas), also has a useful hook-shot to fly from point to point . His means of transportation are the Thunderquack (a small plane whose shape resembles the face of Darkwing Duck) and his bike. Darkwing Duck often proves to be very little common sense and an airhead, despite that, unlike the likes of Inspector Gadget, proves to be always prepared and extremely competent as a superhero, and when it’s time to spring into action, with the famous words “From him, Duck!”, the slightest weakness disappears, and Drake became a superhero.

Darkwing Duck In Action :

In some episodes Darkwing Duck is sent on a mission as a secret agent of Shush, a secret society that fights crime. Nobody knows the meaning of the acronym, but it is almost certainly a parody of SHIELD, the government organization in the Marvel Universe that uses various superheroes to fight crime.
Drake Mallard, better known as Darkwing Duck, is the protagonist of the animated series Darkwing Duck. His first appearance occurred in the pilot episode of the series titled “Darkly Dawns the Duck” (in Italian “Panic in the Night”).

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