Genzo Wakabayashi

31 May 2011 at 23:36 (Captain Tsubasa)

Genzo WakabayashiWakabayashi is a goalkeeper who berteknik high. If Tsubasa is the mainstay of Japan’s playmaker in the team, then Wakabayashi is a mainstay behind the team or a goalkeeper. He is very familiar with Tsubasa. His ability made ​​him recruited by the German club and play in Hamburg. He is known for its ability to block any kick from outside the penalty box. He isis a rival of Wakashimazu who use acrobatic style . He was practicing boxing to strengthen his blocking.
see video of Genzo Wakabayashi :

In Germany, Wakabayashiand Genzo his Bundesliga team, Hamburger SV (Grunwald in the anime version), played against Bayern Munich (Routburg in anime version), led by Karl Heinz Schneider. Wakabayashi make very many saves, impressed players and coaches from both teams. But in an effort to win at the last moment despite the coach’s decision to aim for the draw, Wakabayashi leave the area in order to take a free kick shot that stopped at the last second, which gave Bayern the chance to counter attack on the defended goal, which enabled them to win 2-1.

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