22 June 2011 at 15:21 (CAPTAIN AMERICA)

Captain America, whose real name is Steven Rogers (aka Steve) is a cartoon character created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1941, published by Timely Comics (later Marvel Comics).Told him “Cap” and “Sentinel of Liberty” (because it embodies the ideals of freedom and justice of the American people) and “Living Legend” (as a source of inspiration for three generations of heroes), is a superhero among the most famous and durable.


The character was created as an element of propaganda during World War II, where he represented an America free and democratic Europe was opposed to imperialist and warlike, and had a great success, but with the end of the conflict lost its popularity, despite a (vain) attempt to recycle as a hunter of Communists during the early years of the Cold War.
Many consider him a hero of the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe, and a natural point of reference. The Captain also makes use of a shield as the indestructible adamantium primary. Years and years of practice enable him to use it as a natural extension of his body. Rogers is able to run it with unerring aim and use it in many ways: you can bounce him to hit multiple targets, and even to run it like a boomerang.
Rogers has received a great training that led him to be able to drive any means besides learning many different martial arts and tactics associated with them, more and more refined over the years, combining those techniques with his incredible strength and Agility has created his own fighting style. His skill in close combat is such that it allowed him to challenge (and win) many opponents among the powers vastly superior.

He has natural leadership qualities that lead him to colleagues with a great personality like Thor, Iron Man or Wolverine when acting as a member of the New Avengers.

His charisma, his courage and his ability to command mean that whenever the superheroes have to deal with a crisis, turn to him as their leader, also thanks to his moral rectitude and his nobility was able to raise Mjolnir, a mythical hammer of Thor.
When, in 1964, Stan Lee decided to take the character (number 4 in the series Avengers), deprived him of nationalist elements in his origin, but takes it up giving him a whole new sensibility and humanity, and very often his stories were used to denounce corruption and social inequalities present in American society, to represent a sort of “conscience” real America.

Wizard Magazine has included Captain America, the 7 th position in the Top 200 Comic Book Characters of All Time, or the ranking of the top 200 comic book characters of all time.

Captain America has no superpowers in the real sense. The Super Soldier serum made a change in its DNA, turning his body into that of a human being perfect. Steve Rogers has the greatest skills that a normal human being can achieve in all areas (for example the strength of an Olympic athlete or a great agility of an acrobat), his extraordinary photographic reflexes allow him to copy any technique and be able to deflect, deflect or dodge any attack even bullets. It is able to tackle any type of mind control, is also immune to the effects of alcohol and most diseases.


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