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Robin, is the young assistant to Batman. Appeared for the first time in the pages of Detective Comics n.38 of April 1940, wore a costume consisting of vest red, yellow cape, knickers, gloves and green boots and the classic black mask over his eyes.Robin, created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger ispiratisi the figure of Robin Hood costume, is all that sun and light is present in the life of the Dark Knight, who became the first superhero to adopt a teenage assistant.

All who have worn the costume of Robin were finely trained by Batman himself, made them excellent wrestlers, experts in criminology and trained in the use of various weapons and technology Hi Tech.

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The Robin who took turns in the career of Batman are different. Counting only the most important, you get to 7, of which 5 (First in the list), the continuity Journal:

    Dick Grayson, the first Robin, Two-Face’s favorite victim, a young acrobat who performs in a circus with her parents (killed by mob boss Anthony Zucco Gothami) now known as Nightwing, leader of the Outsiders;
Jason Todd, the second unhappy and Robin, a street thief, who was killed by the Joker during a death in the family while he was looking for traces of the mother, believed dead until then;
Tim Drake, the current Robin, who has presented the public with a renewed costume (pants instead of knickers), the expert in martial arts and that, unlike the first, is not an orphan, but with a sick father . After the return to become part of the Teen Titans;
Brown Stephanie, who takes the place of her boyfriend Tim Drake, who retired the activity for a short period of reflection, during which the father promises never to wear the mantle of Robin more, and killed by the villain Black Mask in the cycle of war drums .
Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, which plays the role of Robin in Batman & Son saga, which leaves almost dying in the ‘usurper’ (as Damian) Tim Drake.


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Personal Date
* Real name: Bruce Wayne
* Status: Single
* Height: 6’2 “(188 976 cm)
* Weight: 95.3 kg
* Eye color: Blue
* Hair: Black
* Alias: Dark Knight Detective, “Matches” Malone, Sir Hemmingford Grey, etc.
* Occupation: Chairman of the shareholders of Wayne Enterprises, Chairman of the Wayne Foundation, multi-industrialist, playboy and Generous

    * Group Affiliates: JLA, Justice League International, the Outsiders, Justice League of America
* Address: Gotham City, United States.

Skills, talents and resources

Batman has no superpowers and instead has extensive knowledge in the scientific field, an expert in criminal investigation, experts in sports. Batman has a physical condition on normal human deftly in some kinds of things, expert martial arts, acrobatics, strength and expertise in the escape. Intellectuality unequaled; Batman is one of the scientists, engineers, criminology, and taktisian greatest, as well as an expert in disguise, often gathering information under the identity of Matches Malone. He is respected as one of the greatest detectives in the DC Universe, from the perkelahiannya with his opponents, Batman often uses cunning and planning to trick his enemies. In the JLA story created by Grant Morrison, Superman explains that Batman is the “most dangerous man in the world,” he can beat a group of super-powered alien who was alone in saving his friend who is on a prisoner.


Batman faces a variety of enemies from ordinary criminals to the super villain look weird.Batman created many enemies of the hero character and its development aspects, often experience a tragic original story that mebuat they become a criminal. Batman enemy the most stubborn are the Joker, a clown criminal who has a “personification of the irrational” describes the opposition to Batman. Another antagonist that is always repeated, including Catwoman, the Penguin, Two-Face, the Riddler, Scarecrow, Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane and others.

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