19 January 2011 at 11:48 (ASTRO BOY)  Serial Astro Boy is about a futuristic series Astro Boy where humans coexist with the Doctor Tenma, head of the field of knowledge to make a small human-shaped robot named Astro who has a humble nature and helpful although there are many who hate him because of the existence of robots.Doctor Tenma intentionally make Astro Boy-like his son to celebrate his son named Tobio who had died in a car accident. Therefore Doctor Tenma love her with all my heart just like his own son. Until finally one day, Doctor Tenma realized that Astro Boy was never the same as Astro Boy Tobio because it can not grow like a living being that can not express his feelings. In the original manga in 1960, Doctor Tenma then sell the Astro Boy to Hamegg, a cruel circus owner who treats Astro with a cruel and miserable. Head of the new field of knowledge called Professor Ochanomizu who knew of the existence immediately asked Hamegg Astro Boy Astro Boy to hand over to him. Then, Astro was taken away and treated kindly and lovingly, Astro Boy was appointed as a protector.

Then Professor Ochanomizu when he realized Astro Boy has incredible strength. Professor Ochanomizu and then add the skills and abilities in expressing his expression like a human. Astro Boy became the new superhero. He can fight evil and injustice that hurt people. Most Astro enemies are robots who do not like in humans, robots are angry, and attack the aliens. Almost every story involving war robot, Astro Boy is always coming. In essence, the story of Astro Boy emphasizes the moral issue, tanggang responsibility, heroism, and also about losing.



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