23 June 2011 at 16:04 (Aladdin)

Aladdin (Arabic: علاء الدين, Ala ad-Din) is one of the most famous stories contained in the set of The Thousand and One Nights Tale prose, which is very famous in the world really does just that there are so many versions, in the movies.
The origin story of Aladdin is a Middle Eastern folktale that tells of a young man named Aladdin a useless, in a town in Baghdad in Arabic, is hired by a wizard from the shoreline Maghreb, who claimed himself as a soul brother to the father of Aladdin, and then ensure the name good to Aladdin and his mother is said to make preparations to make him as a wealthy merchant.
Aladdin in action
Aladdin story begins with the magic of Experts went home and it can rob a lamp by tricking Aladdin’s wife is not aware it would interest lamp, with an offer to exchange old lamps for new ones. He tells the genie lamp in order to bring the palace to his hometown in the Maghreb. Luckily, Aladdin was still wearing the ring and can summon a small genie. Although the genie ring should not be made directly from a lamp genie action, but he can bring Aladdin to Maghreb, then helped him get back his wife and the lamp then beat wizards.Motifs are wizards actually flatter the young Aladdin’s lamp in order to get back grain from a sacred cave full of subtle traps. Aladdin trapped in a cave after the magician tried to betray him. Fortunately, Aladdin was still wearing the ring she had borrowed from the wizards. In despair, he rubbed the ring accidentally, then woke up a genie who brought him back to her mother’s lap. Aladdin’s lamp still holds, and if the mother is trying to clean it, the genie is out again a much more powerful and are bound to obey the command who holds the lamp. With the help of the genie lamp, Aladdin becomes rich and influential, then get married with Yasmin, daughter of the king. Genie was also made a magnificent palace for Aladdin, is much more attractive compared to the king himself.

Warlock was a brother of evil and far more powerful, and she tray revenge against Aladdin because killing his brother by posing as an old woman who has the power full healer. Yasmin beguiled by his cover and sent “her” so he comes in his court if the enactment happy. Aladdin guests are reminded of the dangers that the genie lamp and then eliminate it undercover. Everyone lives happily ever after, and Aladdin had inherited the throne of his father-in-law.


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