16 July 2011 at 05:25 (X-MEN)

Northstar whose real name is Jean-Paul Beaubier, is a cartoon character created by Chris Claremont (lyrics) and John Byrne (drawings), published by Marvel Comics. Appearing for the first time in the pages of Uncanny X-Men No 120 (April 1979), Jean-Paul is known for being the first Marvel superhero homosexual. Canadian mutant, along with her sister, Aurora superhero, was a founding member of Canadian supergroup Alpha Flight and then switch between the rows of the X-Men.

Northstar is a mutant able to move and fly at supersonic speeds, as well as possessing excellent resistance to friction caused by air that otherwise would reduce the body into pieces. His body also gives him an extraordinary balance and agility. Physical abilities, to add more complex ones are related to the manipulation of light, after strengthening the hand of the Sons of the Crypt, rose up to create true bursts of thermal energy.

Northstar in action

In addition to mutation, Northstar is a good fighter, hand-to-body, especially in martial arts. Founder and leader of a corporation based primarily on winter sports, Jean-Paul was also an Olympic-level skier, a gymnast and an expert storyteller.

Born into a family of French-Canadian origin, the parents of Jean-Paul died in a car accident when he was young, and along with her twin sister Jean-Marie were adopted separately. Become teenage Baubier joined the Front de Liberation du Quebec, a separatist terrorist group for the independence of Quebec from Canada, but it soon dissociated himself disgusted by the violent methods of the movement.

Before his debut as a superhero, he became a professional skier, but his athletic career was short-lived when it became public with his ability to move at high speed: it was then that he decided to join the group Alpha Flight sponsored by the Canadian government, where he found his sister also become a superhero.


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14 July 2011 at 12:17 (X-MEN)

Thunderbird, whose real name is John Proudstar, is a cartoon character created by Chris Claremont and Len Wein (text), Dave Cockrum (drawings), published by Marvel Comics. The first appearance occurs in Giant-Size X-Men # 1 (1975). It is one of the first Indian comic book characters, the second part of the genesis of the X-Men, where the characters were of various nationalities and ethnicities.

The character was short-lived, it died in one of the first missions of the group, it seems that the reason for this choice was the fact that, for both the powers of the personality sullen and rebellious, was too similar to Wolverine.

It was later created a character with the appearance and characteristics similar to those of Thunderbird, it comes to his younger brother James aka Warpath.

The Thunderbird name was also used by Neal Sharra, an Indian (India) that had no connection with family Proudstar.

Thunderbird in action

    The powers of Thunderbird are not particularly clear: he has been seen chasing with his bare hands and stop running a bison on the prairie, which implies that he had strength, agility, speed and endurance that far exceed those of a normal human being, As we do not know what level were these qualities (presumably lower than those of Colossus and Wolverine), in House of M, for example, it can be seen clearly cope with Luke Cage in a melee. It was also an expert in close combat, particularly in the use of knife and tomahawk, his tribe’s traditional weapons.     Warpath has, in addition to strength, speed, agility, reflexes and superhuman strength, the ability to fly and supersense like a view of a falcon which enables excellent visibility at night. Leaving aside its mutation, Warpath is an excellent fighter, having been trained by Cable in person.

    Neal Shaara but has the ability to emit and solar plasma flying.

John was a mutant Proudstar Indian, a descendant of the glorious tribes of Apaches, not open to dialogue with the white men, because of what they did to his people centuries earlier. He was summoned by Charles Xavier when he tried to form a new group of X-Men, in order to free the original team, captured the island living Krakoa. Seeing it as an opportunity to prove his worth as a warrior, John accepted the proposal of Xavier, wearing the clothes of Thunderbird.

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