Zhu ( Blue Dragon )

1 March 2011 at 06:15 (Blue Dragon)

www. animationheros.com   Shu is the owner of the shadow of a monster called Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon Shu gain strength by swallowing the Sphere of Light which is really a soul fragment Nene. Blue Dragon was originally using the Magic Sword attacks, but other capabilities and benefits throughout the game like Magic White even when not included as a class is shown to heal Marumaro Kluke wounded and sick. When Nene pulled back his soul from the group (except Zola) Shu lost the ability to use the Blue Dragon. He later regained his Shadow after more inspired to not give up and after a fight from what remains of the corporeal attack gains power Nene to give Blue Dragon actual body and while chaning the envrionment be regaion volcanic. After jumping on the Blue Dragon, will ascend into heaven, and made three attacks, the Blue Dragon imitate by slash two infusion into enemy fire to make the trench and fire fireballs to create a big explosion. 

In Blue Dragon Plus and Measurement Shadow, Shu and his friends take advantage of other Shadows sealed in prisims to attack different than having a shadow they have another class assigned to them. His corporeal attack also slightly different in both games.

In the first episode of the anime during the invasion of the
Gran Kingdom  Talta Village, Shu wanted to save everyone then suddenly a mysterious force comes from Shu that he did not know he had. When the Blue Dragon first appeared he was out of control. At first Blue Dragon does not work with Shu until they struggle with Ivanov and Gustav when Shu managed to get enough power to control him. For most of the anime, she was quite insulting to him and constantly criticize everything Shu no. Blue Dragon is actually described as having a personality that is very hard, and very cold, do not care about anything or anyone but himself. but after the one with the blue dragon zhu be benign and has incredible powers.


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