Optimus Prime

31 January 2011 at 12:12 (TRANSFORMERS)

http://animationheroes.blogspot.com/    Optimus Prime is the main character from the Transformers series. He was the leader of the Autobots to fight all crimes committed by the Decepticons, with its leader is Megatron. Optimus Prime dedicate himself to fighting to defend the truth on Cybertron, Earth, and also the universe. He is known as a strong leader and well respected by all members of the Autobots, and some of the Decepticons.
Alternative model original Optimus Prime is a truck trailer with the engine inside the cabin. Stored in his chest a mystical object that became known as Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the Optimus Prime inherited from Sentinel Prime, and then he inherited to Rodimus Prime when Optimus died. While the rest of him, namely container trailer, could turn into a mobile battle-station, and also a buggy car is very useful for sneaking into enemy territory narrow and dangerous. All these elements have a relationship with Optimus and their bodies will not be able to survive if Optimus not intervene with them.

Autobot Group Sub-Group Primes Powermaster Action Masters Go-Bots Autorollers Voyagers Leaders Usefulness Autobot Leader Roller Partners Hi-Q (Powermaster) Marissa Faireborn (Kiss Player) Motto “Freedom is the right of all sentient Beings.” “No sacrifice is too great in the service of freedom.” (Classics) Alternative forms of Freightliner Cab-over-engine Class 8 tractor (Later forms have usually been Variants of the original) Cybertronian truck (Various Comics) Cobra Sentry Missile System tank (Devil’s Due) 1920s style truck (Devil’s Due) Kenworth Truck (Combat Hero) Mid’90s Western Star 4964EX Tanker Truck (Laser Rod) Lamborghini Diablo (Go-Bot) Dump truck (Autoroller) Dodge Ram SRT-10 (Alternator)

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Heero Yuy

28 January 2011 at 07:40 (GUNDAM)

http://animationheroes.blogspot.com/ Heero Yuy  Hiro Yui, derived from Hito of Japan, turned on “one”.) Represents pilot Gundam Wing XXXG-01W and his successor, XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero, and is the protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. He is the central character of the anime and some derivative works that formed the universe After Colony. Personality & CharacterAnak code-named Heero Yuy is of Japanese descent, complicated character. His cold, stoicism seems more suited for combat veterans harder than a boy of fifteen. When Relena Peacecraft meets Doctor J, engineers comment that Heero is actually a very good-hearted young man who continues to rein in his emotions while fighting. On many occasions, Heero carry out the philosophy that being emotional on the battlefield will only lead to heartbreak, so soldiers must be able to fight without caring about their opponents. However, he argues that there is nothing wrong with showing emotion in a normal situation. The most important philosophy to life Heero, however, is one to carry his father Odin Lowe: That’s the best way to live is with a person’s emotions. Heero is the most skilled and focused in the battle of the five pilots, in both mobile suit and out, which makes it a great asset and lethal force to be reckoned with. During Endless Waltz, Heero looked a bit haunted by the memory he accidentally killed the little girl and her dog who left a great impact on him. Notable Quotes “I will kill you.” “Mission accepted.” “The only good way of life is to act on your emotions.” “If you think about self-destructive, let me give you one advice: it hurts like hell.” “Even if everything goes crazy, I can fight by confidence.” “I’ll … I’ll … I’ll … I WILL SURVIVE!” “We can throw away our power, if that’s what people want That’s the difference between us and you!” “Believe in the era we live in!” “Now I am not going to kill anyone ever again … I do not need anymore …” “Mission Complete.” Peace is nothing but a result of the war. I’m not a pacifist. There’s nothing wrong with acting on your emotions. At least, that’s what I was told. Skills & Abilities Heero education is training hard self-discipline, extreme body control and ability to reason. This is only possible by Doctor J manipulate his genes. He was perfect in the fighting near, computer hacking and testing of mobile suits. There is almost no combat situation he did not emerge as winners. In addition, he is supported by the ZERO System, which strengthens kesadarannya.History.

Heero was born of a love relationship between Aoi Clark and Odin Lowe, both agents work for OZ on AC 170’s. Odin disconnected relationship with Aoi shortly after he was killed in the original Heero Yuy and became a freelance agent, and so Heero raised by his mother and step-father, Seis Clark, until they both died. Since then, he was the hall of Odin. In addition to protecting children (and give himself an alibi), Lowe teaches children how to survive on its own and how to handle a gun. In AC 188, the couple went to the colony-X18999 L3 on a mission to kill General Alliance septum. While Lowe dealt with murder, the boy sent to assist the colonial rebels who have clashed with the Specials. Take the RPG, the boy attempted to destroy the communications tower (operated by Lucrezia Noin then twelve years old), but his move Instructor Treize Khushrenada Leo on the road, protect Noin, but severely injuring himself. Escape, the boy was found seriously injured Lowe. When he died, he told the child to live with his emotions, reminding him that it only takes one idiot to change the world. Left alone, the child began to wander in the colony until he was discovered by Doctor J. Marvel at childbearing, J offers the opportunity to pilot a Gundam and liberate the colonies. His mentor’s words ringing in the ears, the child was accepted. In AC 194, the child was assigned to destroy the Alliance colony base. After planting explosives in the afternoon, he took the time to relax, plan to destroy the base that night. While in the park, he met a young girl walking her dog and friends with him. That night, when he triggered the explosives, a Leo knocked into a nearby apartment building, crushing it before it exploded. Investigating the ruins, he found the girl’s dog, dead. Directions leave no doubt that the girl died, too. When he was buried, and maybe the girl, of remorse, Dekim Doctor J Barton ordered to train the boy, saying that emotions, and especially the “feeling of human kindness”, would be harmful and unnecessary “weapons.” Whether the training is done or not remains unknown, but this incident left him with a sense of self-hatred and regret. This also would explain how Heero, in the series, showing little emotion.
In AC 195, shortly before Operation: Meteor, word leaked that Deputy Foreign Minister Darlian have learned about the plan. Barton Foundation sent a team hit to kill him. A child’s doctor offered three options: Help the killing, stop it, or ignore it all. He decided to stop the effort, save lives Darlian’s. Then, when he visited the tomb as he had made for her, Dr. J told the child that they are going to do Operation: Meteor as Dekim decide it. Once again, he has three choices: Gundam Wing Pilot and went along with the plan of genocide, killing J and run away, or change plans.
On April 7, AC 195, the youth climbed into the cockpit of the Gundam Wing, determined to run their own version of Operation: Meteor by attacking OZ facilities directly and thus crippling the Alliance of weapons and mobile suits. When he was ready to go, Doctor J decided to give him a codename. Selecting one appropriate for the mission, he was a young pilot nicknamed “Heero Yuy”, and sent to Earth to liberate the colonies as a namesake never intended.
Operating MeteorEdit
Heero Relena’s invitation shreds Added by Shiva Arkain As Gundam Wing enters Earth’s atmosphere, Heero found civilian shuttle in His path containing Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlian and foster daughter. Contemplating the destruction of the plane, he was interrupted by a patrol squadron Alliance, led by ace pilot’s OZ, Zechs Merquise. Even with the remarkable ability of Gundam Wing, Zechs managed to get close enough to grapple with freefalling Leo Gundam toward the Pacific Ocean below and then run away, send two engines to the seabed. Wash on the beach, Heero’s body was found by Relena conscious and attempted suicide with a suicide bomb built into his flying clothes. salt water has only damaging detnator dropped explosives fired upon. But give him trouble, he immediately ran away and the medics who came immediately. He then enrolled at the Saint Gabriel Academy as a cover for their activities. By coincidence, Relena was attending the same school as him, and when he tried to invite Heero to her birthday party, he shredded the invitation and threatened to kill him. Profile Alias: Red One

teams: Black Alpha, Zero-One, Duo Maxwell, Lancaster Odin Lowe, Jr. Genetic Type Genetically Enhanced Humans High 156 cm Weight 45 kg Tint Dark Brown Eye color Prussian Blue Age 15 Born 180 A.C. Gender Male Nationality L-1 cluster Colony (Japanese descent) Affiliates Colony Liberation Organization Sanctions Kingdom Relena Peacecraft Earth Sphere Unified Nation Preventers Family Odin Lowe (father) Aoi Clark (mother) Seis Clark (step-father) Trant Clark (step-uncle) Military Info Obedience Colony Liberation Organization Earth Sphere Unified Nation Occupation Earth-Government Anti-Rebel Mobile Suit Pilot Appointment Gundam Pilot Mobile Unit XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Heavyarms Gundam XXXG-01h OZ-07AMS Aries Mercurius OZ-13MSX2 OZ-06MS Leo OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero
Snow whit.

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